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Here's an aircheck of some of my work on eRadio WMCR at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland.  Many thanks go to my talented colleagues that are heard with me on this demo:  Steve, Angela and Jessica. WOLF AIRCHECK eRadio WMCR.mp3


The following audio example is a Before and After. I corrected the noise in the narrator's audio which were actually some crickets in the background.  It was first thought that the file would have to be re-recorded at a later time, however               she was able to use the cleaned up audio in the production. This was a previous production of "This Month In History" for MCTV. Wolf_Audio Correction_Before and After .mp3

I was asked to correct some audio of a Christmas Show recorded at a church. The original recording contained a mic pop. Here's a Before and After of the correction that I did. Wolf Audio Correction_A Singer with mic pop BEFORE AFTER .mp3

Here's a description of how Jeff Wolf Audio Production

can correct poor audio! to Jeff Wolf Audio Production.mp3


"Before". The "After" is with the correction: Before-After.mp3


Too far from microphone:

"Before". The "After" is with the correction. Off Mic  Before-After.mp3


Noisy environment:

Before and the correction as the "After". In background Before-After.mp3

More Demos on their way..............

See latest television programs. I wrote, narrated and edited these videos. Click on video here or on the menu above.

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